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Available Services

Physical Security Assessment

The physical assessment criteria are broken into two main sections: 1) a review of existing physical security documentation; and 2) an evaluation and assessment of the vulnerabilities of a physical building and/or the curtilage or surrounding areas of the facility. A vulnerability is any area that should be considered for improvement that can be exploited by an aggressor. Our recommendations consider the best practice standards for safeguarding against physical vulnerabilities for exterior and interior spaces, as well as environmental design.

Behavioral Health/School Climate Assessment

The behavioral health/school climate assessment is an analysis of a school entity’s climate including the availability of Student Assistance Programs and behavioral health professionals to provide assistance to the school entities. Best practice standards are utilized to  to evaluate and make recommendations regarding behavioral health support and school climate.

Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management Training

Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management (BTAM) is the systematic process of investigating and assessing concerning behaviors. The primary goal of BTAM is to evaluate the difference between making a threat and posing a threat to an organization or community and then to build a management plan that supports the safety of the entire organization or community. 

Preventing acts of violence is the responsibility of the entire  community and many community agencies and partners play an important role. Our BTAM Training provides an investigative protocol, a framework for assessment and guidelines for effective management.  Ask us about facilitating an assessment or conducting  training.


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