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School Safety​​

FOSSUSA-PA has a vast variety of experts in school safety programs, on site training, and equipment. We can provide guidance and direction as to having the most up to date training. Click on + for more info!

+ Establishing a Model School-Based Court Diversion Program

+ School Safety in the 21st Century-A Balanced Approach
+ Social Media and School Safety
+ Responding to School Violence- Active Shooter/Violent Intruder 
+ Trauma First Aid and Bleeding Control

+ Managing Special Populations During Emergencies

+ Current Drug Trends and The Vaping Epidemic

School Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

​FOSSUSA-PA conducts a comprehensive assessment that evaluates a school systems strengths and weaknesses in regard to safety and security, identifies critical infrastructure and key resources, identifies the threats to the schools from an all hazard perspective, and provides a comprehensive vulnerability assessment.


All-Hazards Emergency Response Planning

FOSSUSA-PA's All Hazards Emergency Response Plans provide risk-based procedures for the safe and orderly response to a variety of emergency situations.


Grant Programs


From soccer balls to notebooks to water bottles, our donors make sure the students we work with are fully stocked and ready for anything during the school year and beyond.


From bleeding control kits to Narcan to metal detectors, our donors make sure the schools we work with are fully stocked and ready for anything during the school year.

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